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Just saying

Yamapi isn't really my favourite out of P-A-R-K if I take into account everything, but based on looks alone, I really think he looks better and better with age. There isn't really a period in his youth when he actually looked bad. And he seldom takes a bad picture.

Let's all thank Toshiba.

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in which I'm once again lonely in my shipping

Ethan and XiaoYue (His English name is Rhydian but I still like to call him XiaoYue) are making it so hard for me not to ship them. ): I watched Monga again today with my mum and the subtle glances that Monk cast Prince are really quite obvious. It's such a bummer that the media focuses more on Mark since he's obviously the bigger star along with Ethan but frankly, in the story Mark's character, Mosquito, is more like the narrator and he's quite naive in a way which results in the tragic ending but anyway.

I've been searching for chinese fanfics abt them and there aren't many and it's so sad when u're obsessed with a pairing atm and yet there isn't many fics to satisfy ur craving. T_______T
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So I finally watched Monga and OMG at its core is a BL story.  (if anyone wanna watch it, it is on Youtube and it comes with Eng subs :DDD)

I'm very impressed with Ethan Ruan, my knowledge of him before was limited to Taiwanese idol dramas but he was really good in this drama as Monk. Geeez his crying scene was scary. And also they apparently went through alot of hardship for the filming of this movie. There was this scene where Ethan was slapped like 100 times because they wanted to make the scene look real.

Ethan's character Monk loves Prince (XiaoYue's character) so much tho in his mind, he probably thought this love was loyalty since he has been by Prince's side since he was a little kid. (ignores Mark Chao)

Overall a very sincere production, not to mention how close the guys became after working on this movie.

And a kiss brought to u by Ethan and XiaoYue. XDDD

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One in a Million

One in a Million PV is so full of cheese, and I had to lol at Hoodie!Yamapi mouthing the words to his song but ahhhh. u have to say he's hawt in a suit (That said, the girl is so their type)

And yes, the song is my guilty pleasure. XD

Note : Can the writers of Joker increase Ryo's screentime? Anne Watanabe is getting on my nerves. Sheesh.

Also anyone has the mp3 of Scar by Rip Slyme (theme song of Joker)?
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KT 5-nin from now on

Supposed to sleep, but well the news kept coming. O.O

Ok no need for me to keep updating this post, morning news is out, go there to see and decide for yourself. Thanks.

NTV morning news (youtube link)

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source : スポニチ、デイリースポーツ、西日本新聞, SANSPO